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Carefree vacations in the villages of Cyprus with Tradition and Nature as guides.

The Agro-tourism program started being implemented by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation since 1992. Participants in this program can be those who wish to convert their present lodgings into tourist quarters, traditional restaurants, tourists shops, and cultural centres. All these must have a character that can be subsumed in the community's traditional environment.

In order to implement the policy and development of Agro-tourism, several factors / organisations are involved, such as the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the Antiquities Department, the Department of Town Planning and Housing, the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment, the Communal Authorities, the local Cultural Associations, the Emigrants' Associations, the owners of the houses, the architects, the Association of Cultural & Special Interests' Tourism, the Tourist Guides, and the Travel Bureaus.

Agro-tourism offers to both the local and foreign tourist the opportunity of spending his/her vacations close to nature and close to the simple and hospitable people of Cyprus's countryside, becoming familiar with their manners and customs, and their traditional architectural style, trying out the traditional Cypriot cuisine and the traditional products of the land, and admiring the various kinds of folkloric tradition and art. Also, he / she has the chance of being acquainted with the agricultural way of living and -many times- participate in agricultural operations if he / she so desires.

Today Agro-tourism is a living part of Cyprus's tourism that includes lodgings of historical value throughout Cyprus, ready to offer a novel proposition for holidays.

In these reconditioned lodgings the tourist will immediately find a warm atmosphere that will remain unforgettable to him / her. At the same time he / she will experience many pleasant surprises out in the wild with walks in the verdant trails, with swims in deep blue waters, with visits to the historic monasteries and archaeological sites, and generally with the uniqueness the villages of Cyprus have to offer.

In the context of Agro-tourism, the following quarters operates in our Community:

Vasilias Nikoklis Inn
Owner: Tasos Constantinou
Address: 8505, Nikokleia, Pafos
Telephone: 26432211
Fax: 26432467

The small hotel "Vasilias Nikoklis" (King Nikoklis) is located a bit outside Nikokleia. It is a reconditioned, stone-made structure, equipped in a traditional manner, and has 8 rooms with a bath, restroom, central heating, external and internal courtyard, as well as a tavern and a bar.

Vasilias Nikoklis has a long history since it used to operate as a caravanserai (a kind of inn) for the travellers and merchants.

Today, after its careful recondition, it offers a first-class option for those who want something different for their vacations.

Vasilias Nikoklis operates throughout the year.



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